The Chinese siege of the free world of human rights was formed in this way, and the fire of the “Liberal World VS Changden administration”, based on “human rights,” was cut off. (15) | Japan will be severely damaged by the tsunami UFO Agarta Shambara

“Alien Encyclopedia”

Nakamura Province Three Green Arou 1997/2

September 25, 1979 Marana, Arizona, USA

Witness Ralph Char Con

The aliens are generally human -shaped, but they were composed of countless dots (points).

・ Personate witnesses and bring them to their planet.

・ Dotman introduced himself as a person who came from Zeti Star in Orion, and eventually said that Charcon would go to Zeti star with themselves.

・ The UFO was south of the South American continent at a fierce speed. Charcon saw the ground of the ground, far the past, and beautiful ancient cities and pyramids were spreading below.

・ After that, Dotman appeared many times, put charcon on a spaceship, took him to the past world where two continents sink, and showed the future world.

・ Another dotman called Iguchi -to -achto guided Charcon to Zeti Star and showed a beautiful city. According to Nardell, their ancestors visited the earth in large numbers and contacted the ethnic groups that had built great civilization on earth at the time. At that time, an alien and earthlings mixed races were born. Many ancient Egyptians and Mayan have inherited the blood of aliens and are now dotman.

・ At the time of the subsequent contact, the charcon received an alien floating device used by the ancient Egyptian for pyramid construction.

・ This type seems to be a different dimension like a ghost. It contains space creatures that are not similar to aliens and humans. They have the following abilities:

A, it can be substantially substanted or non -materialized and disappears.

The B form can be changed in various ways.

C, only appears to specific witnesses, so that other people nearby can not appear.

D. It has the psychic power that can move the substance at will, including witnesses.

“Heaven Iwato Opening” Ascensionen Stargate

AI (I) Meiji Mado 2010/6

・ All sources, one -supreme root gods, all gods, all heavens, and spiritual hiflers keys in Shinto science, Ascender Masters, as well as the Aincoff Council, Archangel World, and the Holy Division Agency. The Christian Agency, the Melkizedek Agency, the Space Union, the Galaxy Union (Federal), the Solar System Union, the Inner Earth Union All are all. Of course, it includes your high -self and its network. The general term is “Spiritual Hailer Key”.

・ The “Space Holy White Brotherhood” (Great White Brother Hood) refers to the masters from the foundation of the universe in the “spiritual hifirer key”.

・ You are the sources of the soul, the sources of the soul, the children who have descended from the hometown, the sunland, and the day of the day.

-The ascension of the Earth, Sirius, and the galaxy here is the “Sirius Project” of the Earth Hailer Key, its head, Sanat Kumala, Sirius Haurkee and its head, Vaiwamas, but that supports it. , Andromeda Galaxy and the highest council of the universe here. The Andromeda Galaxy is the area born in the universe here and is the hometown closest to the source for all.

・ The area of ​​Agarta (Inner Earth -The Capital is Shambara) is a 5D reality. This five -dimensional area has recently existed at 400 miles (640 kilometers) from the surface of the planet to the basement.

・ It has been expanded to the neutral zone of the gravity of the earth. In this way, the mother’s Earth gradually moves the five -dimensional territory to a place near the surface of the three -dimensional planet. “

■■■ What I think, hear, and think ■■■


・ Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a great shock worldwide, but Russia’s dark power structure is a bloody and glossy massacre since the revolutionary era, and its mechanism is for us. I can’t understand. The conflict between the former Soviet Russia and Ukraine seems to be deeper in the history.

For the overwhelming Russian invasion, 200,000 Ukraine has a reserve role of 1 million, but the point is how much equipment it has. It is said that they are mobilized and are in a pretty good battle. However, it seems that there is also expected to become a muddy swamp like Afghanistan’s battlefield.

In recent years, it has been said that Russia has begun to recover the power of security and national ministries and agencies called “Shiroviki” and have begun a fear politics. Due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, Western -style “democratization” was also adopted, but with the keyword “patriot”, the “secret police” in the old “secret police”, the dark power in the flow of intelligence under Putin. But was it back?

“It is said that the cause of all wars is in the economy. Several wars are about to occur, and it will eventually reach World War II, but all will be within the scope of the economic war. I am.

・ The same is true of the 100 -year history of the Chinese Communist Party of the National Nations. The former Soviet Starin’s 1930s “Daisen” is also known. The victims are said to be 8 to 10 million. The history of the former Soviet Union also has the history of mass murder and massacre by the Communist Party. It seems that there is also “Soviet Union’s French History Year Table 1917-56 years”.

It is now said that China’s unusual socialist system and heterogeneity have been widely recognized around the world.

“The cruelty, horror, and fear of the Communist Party and Comintern’s revolution cannot be understood unless they are actually living under the government of the Communist Party, such as Eastern Europe.”

It is said. In Russia, the so -called “secret police” seemed to rampage again.

According to the Internet information,

[Kyiv AFP current affairs] 2021/8/26, “Ukraine southern Odessa, 5,000 to 8,000 remains, which are believed to be the victims of” Daiki “by the former Soviet dictator Stalin. Local authorities revealed on the 25th.

According to Ukrainian historian estimates, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians were imprisoned or executed in the 30s repression.

It is said that the revolution begins with the massacre of landowners, nobles, and royal family, and the Communist Party revolution, of course, seems to have been accompanied by a massacre against the ruling class. And it seems that both China and the Soviet Union often had “purge” of mass murder. It is said that the grudges of farmers, farmers and workers explode.

There were frequent wars of mass murder incorporated into history.

・ Historically, there is a holodo mall, and it is said that it is engraved in the Ukrainian subconscious.

According to Wikipedia Wikipedia

“Horodo Mall (Ukrainian: голодомо́; Russian: голоднан; English: Holodomor, Famine Genocide) is an artificial famine in each area where his Ukrainian lived between 1932 and 1933. It is also called hunger genocide and Stalin famine.

Ukrainians were deprived of livestock and farmland due to forced migration by the Soviet government, and as a result of forcibly depriving them, a large famine occurred, and the starvation deaths from millions to 14.5 million people.・ The victim was issued. In addition, it had a significant adverse effect, such as the subsequent number of Ukrainian births.

The catastrophe has been a planned hunger by the Soviet Union’s highest leader Josif Stalin at the time, and in recent years he is said to have been a guilty of genocide and humanitarian. ” increase.

・ The “2022 Beijing Olympics and Paralympics” is over, but China would have wanted to appeal to the world of “bright modified countries”.

However, it is said that negative Chinese books and media information are on the world abundantly.

It is said that how serious the population problem in China is, users cannot understand. It is said that “the 21st century will be the century facing the Chinese issue.” It seems that there is a domestic situation unique to Chinese society that “Chinese people cannot trust unless they abandon the country.” It is pointed out that there are “there are historical conditions unique to China, which is an unlimited country.” Since China is a great country, it seems that the details are often incomprehensible to us.

It is said that Japan should consider diplomacy based on the fact that there is a completely different country next to him. A Japanese manager says, “Business in China is only unreasonable.” The Chinese Communist Party will naturally convert asset confiscation, state -owned, and frequent laws.

It is said that “30 years ago, all of the land and wids in China had looted, and in the next 30 years, the party executives split all the widespread.” It is said that some people answer that “I don’t want Chinese people to be born because pigs are fine in the afterlife.”

“I heard from a government executive in the Hu Ninta era that” China is 10 % Europe and 90 % of Africa, “but it was strange to say it.

・ The author has launched as a “specific“ action policy ”for that purpose,“ Ichimura Ichiyaki killing, external confiscation ”. “In one village, it means killing one cloak and the inferiority, burning one house, and confiscating all the property.” , The number of people who died in the Cultural Revolution in 10 years is likely to be at least 10 million units of people. ” , Many countries in the free world have deepened the awareness of the evil of the Chinese government, “and” Chinese siege networks over human rights issues are formed in this way, and based on “human rights”. The fire in the battle of the “Free World VS. Medium Communications” was cut off and dropped. ” The theory of several thousands of deaths is the most powerful, but it is not possible to be more than that. “

・ Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has highlighted the risk of attacks and accidents of nuclear power plants in World War III with nuclear missiles.

It is often pointed out that there are so many “peace bokeh” people in Japan, even though they are actually receiving “nuclear threats”. It has been pointed out that even if a pacifist has been shouting “peace” for decades, the problem of abductions cannot be solved for more than 40 years. The victims and their families are aging, and what will happen to the abduction case? It seems that the power of a politician can be seen if it takes decades to take this issue for decades.

“If it’s an” ordinary country, “I think I will have nuclear weapons. In addition, it is the modern international community that naturally makes it. ” “It is necessary to prepare a 100 % nuclear shelter like Switzerland and a local defense force under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications,”

The military nuclear shelter seems to be military secrets in every country. Old socialist countries, such as Ukraine, are said to have a high rate of nuclear shelters in the US -Soviet cool war in the 20th century.

The US gun regulations, which have a history of gun society as a necessity of daily life, are also well -political issues, but they must be a “gun society” just before and immediately before the nuclear war. It is said that it will introduce a large amount of used guns in the United States, as it is not in time for domestic guns.

There is a tradition of the gun society, saying that “the United States Constitution has been revised, and disciplined militia is necessary for the safety of a free state, so the right to carry and carry weapons should not be invaded.” It is said that it is dangerous in the “gun society”, but assuming a nuclear war, it is said that it is the most prepared society. However, it seems that gun accidents and incidents are occurring on a daily basis.

“In the era of nuclear wars, all the nationals of volunteers are needed.” “Nuclear shelters with brain weather (no weather) should also apply global standard.” It has been pointed out that the nuclear shelter method should have given priority over casinos. It is said that Japanese defense policy is lacking in nuclear weapons and preparations after bombing. The risk of nuclear war may be dangerous right there. There is no guarantee that there will be no nuclear war in the 21st century.

“The non -shelter policy of the Society of the Society leads a nuclear attack that attacks the most weakness of the enemy.”


・ According to Yahoo News (2020/12/30)

New 944 infection confirmation of 944 people in Tokyo The most common Wednesday in the past.

“According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, 944 new Coronaviruses confirmed by the city on the 30th were 944, the second most common after 949 people on the 26th. Has the largest 85 people after the cancellation of the emergency declaration. “

・ From January 2021, it may exceed a thousand people. In addition, risk management becomes more important. However, there seems to be no prospect of convergence. Unlike the past, it is said that pandemic damage has been reduced due to government financial and financial policies and pandemic medical measures. That’s why humanity is progressing every year.

Vaccination has begun, but it is said that it is not allowed to predict.

In the time of postcolona, ​​the world is said to be very different from the present.

I don’t know if a demon comes out or a snake, but it may be “easier to give birth than a lot” or “turn the disaster and make it a fortune.”

The author said, “The reason why the NY stock price repelled after the crash was because the Trump administration took large economic measures one after another in addition to the unlimited quantitative easing and large -scale fluid supply by the FRB.” Coronavirus pandemic is a trial given to mankind. If you overcome this trial, a different world will come and the economy will surely be revived. ” Nobody can do it. However, the bubble will always collapse, “said the economist John Kenneth Garbrace said,” whether the corona evil converges in a short period of time or the long -term infection, and the infection converges. The world of postcolona, ​​which we visit after, will be a different world. The economy will be revived, society will develop, and human beings will be richer. “

・ Some experts say that it is more of a problem to do something healthy and live long than the concerns of the virus, but is that optimistic? There are a wide variety of experts. It’s time for the world to say, “Virus vigilance.

“There is a good chance that another bacteria and viruses will attack again from Corona. In recent years, as SARS and MERS have become popular, unknown infectious diseases hit the world every 4 to 5 years on average. It is said that human beings have the risk of pandemic and infectious diseases. It is said that SARS and MERS did not become a large pandemic, so they were careless.

“The amount of economic and asset damage is 778 trillion yen in a directly under the capital, and 1410 trillion yen for the Nankai Trough giant earthquake. It is inevitable that it will bring an unprecedented crisis. ” Will the pandemic attack the earthquake power again?

Juselino Nobrega Dalos, who was said to be a Brazilian prophet, states a mysterious theory that “the virus called Els (HERUS) appears from 2011 to 2013. It was ignored by the media without hitting.

However, it has been pointed out that no one knows what unknown virus infections will become pandemic in the near future.

It is said that the masses should not fuel crisis and anxiety to the public, but it is said that pandemic sequelae remains. It is said that “sightseeing trip is the final demand”, but it seems that the demand will not recover as before because the pandemic disappears.

It may be in a state of “being disciplined by kan and being famous”.

The stock market is cheerful in the development status of vaccine. However, no one seems to be able to predict the global economy and market trends.

“In other words, no matter what strategy we take, we have to face with” with corona “for at least two years.” Pandemic is an era when one of the management strategies is one of the management strategies.

・ “It is SARS, bird influenza, and new pneumonia since the 2000s. How much China has expanded to the world so far will tell the human plague history. ing.

This book also explains that China was a historic plague, and that the spread of infection has greatly moved the world history.

I believe that the global epidemic of the new pneumonia has surfaced the risk of dictatorship an international influence. For dictatorship, information control is indispensable. The author, Fumio Huang, is not going to get information that is inconvenient for the government. “

“The circulation of water, drought, epidemic, and 蝗 has created China’s history.” And it may be that the circulation of water, drought, epidemic, and 蝗 has created human history.

・ August 2020. The new colon virus pandemic, the number of deaths from around the world is 800,000, but will it exceed 1 million this year? Next year, it will be the Tokyo Olympics, but it is said that the demon will laugh next year. It is said that the number of infected people around the world is 24 million and 60,000 people in India every day. As you can see from the tourism and aviation industry, the world after the corona seems to be uncertain, changing dramatically, and the selection is proceeding.

The next new pandemic risk is like a nightmare. It is said that “it is a population power, so there is anything.”

In California, wildfire was the worst in the past. Due to the abnormal weather of global warming, natural disasters around the world are growing. China’s flood reports frequently flow to the media. You tube videos are also serious. A large flood occurred every year in China, and the risk of the Sanju Dam was also promoted this year.

Looking at the history of human plague, the history of a very negative, tragic mankind can be seen. It is said that medieval black death has spread from China to the world.

・ According to “The ruler of the earth is a reptile human alien” (Ryu Ota) (Sekishobo) 2007/9/15,

For the first time, I hear that the cause of the medieval (modern times) European black death (pest) was an alien biological weapon operation using a UFO. Is this a reasonable story? Bram Ray quotes the following three books.

1. “Death of Black -The Estimation of Due to Death” by Johannes Nor (1926)

2. “Black death -1347” by George Dew (1969)

3. Walter George Bell “1665 -Large Due to London” (1924)

Two types were observed and recorded in the black death (pest) of this era. One is gland pest. In other words, the lymph glands are done. The second is pneumonia. Both are fatal and die in a very short day.

In less than four years from 1347 to 1350, one -third of the European population died of black death. One historian estimates that 35 million to 40 million dead or half the European population. It is believed that more than 100 million deaths due to continuous black death illness until the 18th century.

However, according to the research institutes of the three experts, not only UFO activities were frequently seen when black deaths occurred, but some fogs descended when the UFO flying object was attacked. Suddenly, it was said that it was in the order of big transmission of black death and huge dead. I knew this one for the first time. As far as I know, it has not yet been pointed out by the rich relationship between European black death and UFO’s activities in Japan published in Japan. If this theory is true. But what are the “motivation” and “purpose”? The alien 바카라 ruling the earth for any purpose may have developed a cruel biological weapon war in Christian Europe since the 14th century.

Bram Ray has been a black death that has frequently hit Europe since the 14th century (1347-50 years have caused the most famous and worst disaster, but has occurred many times until the 17th and 8th centuries). He argues that it is the result of intentional biological weapons. Why is it? For any reason, did alien have such an attack on the European State nation? “

・ Is there a nuclear war or biological weapon war between aliens and humanity flying from ancient times? Middle Ages Europe seemed to have many miserable stories such as miserable witch hunting and long -term war.

・ “Gnosticism is an anti -cosmic theory (the idea that the universe itself is not good, but rather evil and should not be accepted).

It is different from Hinduism in terms of anti -built -in owners (the creator is a crazy lower -class god and not to follow), and it is different from Buddhism in terms of recognizing the creator even if it is evil. ” 。 The world feels like there are only magic and Karami. It is becoming more difficult for people around the world to have a peaceful and peaceful life due to intense natural disasters and pandemics. It is said that “it is an era when the difficulty of living is unconsciously forgotten.”

・ According to the website AFP BB News, 2020/7/15

“Flood in the rainy season in Bangladesh, one -third of the country is flooded.”

[July 15 AFP] “Almost 4 million people were hit by floods in the rainy season in South Asia, and in Bangladesh, the largest rain in the last 10 years has caused one -third of the country to flood the land. There is. A official of the country revealed on the 14th.

Usually, the rainy season, which arrives from June to September, is important for the economy of the Indian Asa Continent, but every year, it brings many deaths throughout the region.

“ARIFUZZAMANBHUYAN) of the Bangladesh Flood Preliminary Alarms (FFWC) said,” This will be the worst flood in 10 years, “said AFP. Heavy rain increased the water river, Brahmaputra and the Ganges river, two major rivers of the Himalayan water system flowing between India and Bangladesh.

Boyan said that about one -third of the country was submerged in the Delta nation, where hundreds of rivers intersected, and at least 1.5 million people were influenced by at least 1.5 million people in water. indicate. According to the forecast on the 10th, the water is expected to increase, and if the embankment breaks in more rivers, 40 % of the land “in the worst scenario” may be flooded. ” It has been pointed out that floods and natural disasters around the world are maximizing. It seems that the impact of global warming is getting worse.

・ Since the new colon virus is a global pandemic, many books have been published in Japan since then. There seems to be a conspiracy theory and an accident theory. If you say “New Coronovirus” on Amazon, you can see 483 books. It seems that it was published in a hurry in a short period of time, but it is said that many people have been preparing for a long time.

Izumi Paul’s theory is said to be a typical conspiracy theory. There seems to be an eerie prophecy that the Illuminati Agent causes World War III. However, it may be necessary to have advanced knowledge and advanced interpretation in the back world. Illuminati may know the future scenario of the earth. “Illuminati is powerful because it is an alien group.” It seems that it is unknown how far is fiction and how far is Nanfiction. I can’t verify it.

・ According to Paul Izumi, “This global pandemic is a“ disaster evil ”that has been completely announced on the Illuminati Card (released in 1995) following the 9.11 simultaneous terrorism (2001) and the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake (2011). ! Is pointed out. We do not understand the Illuminati Card for the general public. Illuminati cards are unknown.

The number of hoaxes is increasing. It seems that there are many ridiculous content, and there are many incredible things. It is said that the Internet information of the world with a lot of gasseneta and fake news requires the ability to see the authenticity of fake news. Suspicion is found with ridiculous, strange and incoherent, and eyebrows. Many ridiculous stories are hard to believe, but is there something meaningful with publishers?

・ The new colon virus has been reported in the media in Japan and internationally. It seems that it can be an international issue. Will it be a sense of the lower people? Every day, the destructive impact of the new colon virus is reported. It may be “the fact is more strange than a novel.” Thanks to you, the mask is now available in a hundred pieces, but the government’s distribution (so -called Abeno Mask) is about 10 % as of 2020/5/20. This year, the mask is likely to be a necessity. It is said that the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan (estimated value) has decreased from 29 million to 2,900 in April, with a down 99.9 % year -on -year.

・ According to Yahoo News, 2020/5/20 (Kyodo News)

“At worst, 3.01 million people are afraid of unemployment and estimated Corona, exceeding Lehman.”

「社会情勢の変化に応じた経済分析に強みを持つシンクタンク「中部圏社会経済研究所」(名古屋市)は20日、新型コロナウイルスの流行が2020年度の雇用に与える影響の試算を発表した。 世界的な流行の収束が今年末にずれ込む最悪のケースでは、全国で最大301.5万人が失業する恐れがあると指摘した。 前年度比の就業者数の減少率は4.5%に達し、リーマン・ショック後の09年度の1.5%を大きく上回る可能性がある。

4月米失業率、最悪の14.7% リーマン上回る

19年平均の完全失業率は2.4%とウイルスの流行前までは日本の雇用環境は絶好調だった。 しかし情勢は一変、生活に困窮する人が急増するリスクが高まっている 」と記載されています。


日本経済新聞(202/5/19)によりますと「東証一部に上場する大手企業の1社が倒れた。社名はレナウン。同社は子会社を通し、法的整理の一つである民事再生法の適用を東京地裁に申請。15日までに受理され、事実上の経営破綻となった。負債総額は約138億円。 新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大以降、国内の上場企業が経営破綻するのは初となる 」と報道されています。

・「世界を知るためのファクト」は専門家以外には難しい課題のようです。「2050年に世界人口の40%が深刻な水不足に陥る」という予測は確度の高いもののようです。しかし、パンデミックのように、年度内に新型コロナウイルス感染症が終息しても、近未来に再度、パンデミックがいつ新しくおこるかは予測ができないものです。(近)未来にもパンデミックは繰り返し起こるのかもしれません? 「天災は忘れた頃にやってくる」といわれます。予測できない大地震も大津波もパンデミックも繰り返し人間を襲うようです。「備えあれば憂いなし」でしょうが。

・『読売新聞』(2020/4/10)によれば「「 大恐慌以来の不況 」予測 IMF専務理事 新型コロナ打撃」というトップ記事があります。「 新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大により2020年の世界経済は、1929年に発生した世界大恐慌以来、短期的には最悪の不景気に陥るとの見通しを示した 」と報道されています。


「Newsweek」日本語ネット版の2020/1/30「 新型コロナウイルスはコウモリ由来? だとしても、悪いのは中国人の「ゲテモノ食い」ではない 」という記事がありますが、現在80%といわれるマスクの中国生産も今後、日本に戻す必要があるといわれます。次のパンデミックに備える必要がありましょうか。対応が遅れてマスク不足で国民が困っています。杞憂ですが、こんな時に大地震や大津波が起きると困ります。日本は「ひよわな花」なのかもしれません。危機管理の観点からも脆弱性があると指摘されています。

・ところで、ネットの検索に「 イルミナティ・カード パンデミック 」といれますと色々と記事が読めます。「Epidemic」というカードがあり「あのゲームでもやっぱりコロナウィルスが予言されていた!」という怪説もあるようです。

「 Lab Explosion」、「Plague of Demons 」「Combined Disasters 」等が新型コロナウイルス感染症を予言していたというのです。どこまでが本当の話なのか、真偽のほどは分かりません。が、信じるか信じないかはあなた次第という与太話なのかもしれません。


You Tubeで「 泉パウロ講演会 2020年2月28日 in ヒカリパーク 」を見ることができます。興味深い内容のようです。


『新型コロナウイルスは細菌兵器である!』(泉パウロ ヒカルランド 2020/4/21)という本もあります。

他に『天皇家はユダヤ族直系!』、『恐竜と巨人(ネフィリム)は堕天使のハイブリッド』、『悪魔の秘密結社「イルミナティ」の黙示録』、『本当かデマか3・11【人工地震説の根拠】衝撃検証』等があります。「 人工地震説 」については何冊かの書籍がありますが、荒唐無稽かつ支離滅裂で私たち一般人には、理解不能です。が、高度な裏世界、パラレル・ユニバース(並行宇宙)の知識と高度な解釈をすれば、何かわかるのかも知れないといわれます。 パラレル・ユニバース(並行宇宙)に存在する5次元以上の高等知性体からのチャネラーも増えていますので、高等知性体からの情報は重要だといわれます。


専門家やチャイナ・ウオッチャーでも「中国の未来」を予測することはできないといわれます。 ただし、人口統計を未来に延ばすことで、未来社会をある程度予測できるそうです。中国やインドの場合は、人口大国ですから、未来的には世界に与える影響が無視できなくなると語られています。 10年の長期計画も、人口予測が基本のようです。1年の予算の結果も不確かだそうです。森羅万象の情報が爆発している現代は、私たち一般人には、全貌を把握することはできず理解不能なことが多いようです。森羅万象には常にプラスとマイナスの面があるといわれます。

・ 現代では情報操作や隠蔽をしても メディア機器の極端な発達・普及によって、世界中に飛び散ります。フェイク(偽)・情報、フェイク(偽)・ニュースも膨大な量になっており、真偽のほどは分かりませんが、個人の記憶に刻み込まれます。


・ 街中を歩いて見てみると、さまざまな社会問題が頭に浮かびます。確かに街中は、10年前の街中と大変違ってきているそうです。外国人観光客の姿もいたるところで見られるようになっています 。しかしながら、街中の人々の生活状態は、大きく格差が開いているようです。特に商店街が後継者不足で、閉店している所が増えていること。中小企業の人手不足や後継者不足で、廃業や合併の問題が多くなってきていること。 人口減少で、そもそも、「需要」が激減すること。飲食業界も大きく打撃を受けています。さまざまなビジネス社会の淘汰が起こっていることです 。人口減少で「労働革命」「職業革命」「賃金革命」も極端に起こってくるといわれます。採算のとれない古臭い職業や、顧客志向でない時代遅れの商売は、消えていくことでしょう。「優勝劣敗はこの世の常」でしょうか。「需要供給の法則で淘汰が始まる」と指摘されています。

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• 2 Internet / IT technology
• 3 Chinese
• 4 Railway / Airplane
• 5 Investment
• 6 virtual currency
• 7 club activities / circles
• 8 Developmental disorders
• 9 Spiritual
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