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Even 크레이지슬롯 though I was rejected many times during the Tokyo concept …

It’s persistent about the Meiji Restoration ~ ヽ (`Д´) ノ

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5/12 (Thursday) 17:05 Delivery

The strongest model in the history of S -Series for the enthusiastic Subaru fans in North America, the “S209”, which was world -premined at the Detroit Motor Show on January 14, 2019, the STI (Subaru Technica International) Complete Car Series North America Express the best. Debuted as a model. Following the law of the S series, dedicated equipment was given to the dedicated engine and chassis, as well as the interior and exterior, and the enthusiastic Subaru fans in North America, called Subie, were crazy. The base vehicle is equipped with a 2.5L horizontally opposed four -cylinder EJ25 turbo, which significantly improves intake efficiency by adopting a dedicated large air cleaner and intake duct. At the same time, in addition to the large -diameter turbocharger developed, the high -power of 341HP, the strongest S series, was realized by managing the engine with a low -back pressure muffler designed with a large -diameter tail pipe, and a dedicated ECU. In addition, the feet are equipped with 265 / 35R19 high grip tires made of Dunlop and BBS 19 -inch forged wheels according to the high performance. One of the features of the WRX STI, the WRX -only fender, has been further added front and rear over fenders. The wide -treaded appearance is a styling suitable for the strongest name, combined with the large dried carbon wings.

Reproduces the details of S209 on the 1/43 scale, which is a palm size of 1/43 scale this time, but faithfully reproduces the styling of S209 just like a actual vehicle. The driver’s seat is prepared on the left side for the North American exclusive model, and it can be said that the dry swallow also pushes the drums, such as the left and right blinker lenses on the front of the orange front, which are characteristic of the North American specification, and the dry swound body. In addition, the actual car S209 was released only for 209 units, but the model car will be sold 우리카지노 only in the world. The rarity of 400 white and 600 blue are tickling the mania. Domestic arrivals have been announced as about half, and there is no manufacturer’s stock. If you find a store inventory at minicar dealers or Internet sales nationwide, we recommend purchasing immediately! □ Product Overview Product Name: 1/43 Resin Model S209 Release Date: Currently on sale Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 8800 yen (tax included) Released nationwide, or Internet sales material: Die Cast Model Color: Blue/White Gimmick: Number of production without opening and closing mechanism: World limited number / 600 blue, 400 white

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