Reconfirm the specifications of the computer

Reconfirm the specifications of the computer

He used his laptop while repairing the desktop computer, but he checked the specifications that the speed difference from the desktop was severe and wanted to do something.

I checked the desktop personal computer task manager in the top photo 3rd CPU Intel Core i5 4th Memory 8.0GB 4 out of 4 Slots 4 GB 2 Disk 1TB SSD 1TB SSD

Image processing There is no problem in general 카지노 use, but 2 slots are open, but no more is needed. 3D games and 4K videos are not processed, so it is a sufficient specification. surprised

The problem is the laptop computer, like the second collage, remove the back cover and remove it. 4 GB 1 piece of 4 GB is 700GB HDD This is divided into partitions inside, so it is to replace it with SSD. I need a little work

CPU Intel Core i5 is a better specification than I thought, so it’s still a good speed, so let’s put it as a sub -machine to Win 10.

Later work is Win11 to Win11 Up note is replaced with SSD, so it is not necessary to add much memory, so if you are interested, let’s work one by one.

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