Deleted the victim’s LINE suddenly … A male acquaintance arrested for allegedly murder for a man discovered in the gutter, “I was a good younger brother …” (Tokai Television)

A man arrested on the 9th in a robbery and murder in Chiryu City, Aichi Prefecture, and said he had debt to men. What happened between them? On the morning of the 10th, Koki Arima (26) was unknown in Chiryu City, which was sent to the Nagoya District Public Prosecutor. In May, he killed Masahiro Miura (29) in Okazaki City, who was found in the body from the road gutter of Chiryu City with a knife, and suspected a robbery murder that took over 140,000 yen 크레이지슬롯 in cash. It is. A man who knows Arima when he was a junior high school student … Arima’s acquaintance male: “I was serious when I was in junior high school. I felt like I was a brother. It seems that my friendship has changed a little, and it seems that it has become naughty in two or three years.” Men … Miura’s acquaintance man: “The personality was usually bright and friendly. It was kind to everyone. I think I met about two years ago, but I live in a pachinko slot. I said that I was doing it. I said there was no money. “What was the contact between them? At least at the time of the incident, Arima had a debt against Miura, and was thought to have escaped the repayment due to the killing. This case was discovered at around 6:00 am on May 11, when a passerby who found a car under the gutter was reported to the police, reported to the police. According to Mr. Miura’s acquaintance, at the same time as the time of the report, there was a display on LINE that Miura’s account was deleted. According to the investigators, the car was removed from the car. Did you destroy evidence so that you can’t get in touch or leave the video? Arima, who acknowledged the killing, but partially denied the charges, saying, “I did not intend to take money.” Police are investigating motivation and background.

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