“Coupon 50,000 won experience casino experience with paradise! ]

Annyon Haseyo ~

A friend at the time of the language school came to Busan by travel visa

I had lunch at Shoto and came back to the maichodai by coastal train

I headed to

Paradise casino

My friend came to Airpsan at Kansai Airport, so the back side of the boarding ticket stub

50,000 won coupon

Was become

Although the casino bill was passed in Japan, it seems that the construction is not expected due to the opposition of local governments that planned to build a resort casino or Corona Pandemic.

Oh, I’m

I don’t recommend a casino

If there is a casino in Busan and only foreigners can enjoy the privilege, only friends who want to experience it once, and tell us about the rules and timing of stopping the game so that you can earn pocket money using only the first free coupon. I like giving it

The first time is a free and delicious rice, you can enjoy drinks free of charge or one won.

Furthermore, the membership card that will be made when entering the store is the key chain of the prize.

It seems that there are some places where you can receive discounts if you present a membership card

SEA LIFE Busan Aquarium

Admission to the aquarium

Adult: 29,000 won

Dwarf: 23,000 won

What a 50 % OFF

The “coastal train” that I got on from Shoto

It seems to be 10 % OFF

Even if you don’t have a casino, it’s worth making a membership card


I entered the store and looked around the machine and the table, and first went to the free drink cafe.

It was 크레이지슬롯 around 4 o’clock, so unfortunately the time to place the food is over.

The cafe is not so narrow, but it’s free and it’s free -it’s a pity that you can’t come with a super secret Korean friend to take a break at Umidai.

In the back of the cafe, only VIPs can enter

There were two people there. Although it is a casino that only foreigners can enter, the conversation between them is fluent Korean, so I did not mind that there are such customers.

The Ajoshi is the staff of the cafe

You’re whispering, “Have them eat what they like.”


To me

If you think

“I will treat you what you like! !! Please tell the staff.”

The Ajoshi and others spoke to me in Japanese.

Eh, na, n /

While I was confused, I left like the wind ~

The older brother of the cafe staff was also very surprised …

If you ask what kind of person you are

We are the best paradise that we rarely see ~

If that is …

Suspicion of Paradise Casino CEO ~

I was too surprised and I was full …

I’m gin -tonic

My friend is mango juice

I refrain from wwwwww

The older brother in the cafe

“Even if you are hungry, please tell me when you’re hungry, so I’ll tell the staff after I left.”

I told you, “Thank you to the president,” and went to the game.

Camshamnida is a service like VIP even though it is not a VIP

Paradise casinos have the best service

After that, I taught my friends about Baccarat, enjoyed the coupon and won only Manon.

There is 20,000 wunked coupons here (only unregistered people)

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