“Amamiya Kimoto Works Kiln Glass Glass Glass 5 Customer Set Traditional Crafts Leaf Pattern Height 8㎝

It is Antique Hikone (Shin Yurigaoka Station, Kanagawa Prefecture).

In our shop, we basically sell products such as Baccarat, Mosel, and Laric at a price of one -third of the desired retail prices.

This time, I will introduce Amamiya Yoshinotomo Kojiki Kiln Glass Glass Glass Glass 5 Customer Set Traditional Crafts Leaves Leaf Pattern Height.

Sales price: 10,000 yen

If you click the image to enlarge it, you can refer to the enlarged image.

Please contact us if you have any concerns.

You can actually purchase it by looking at the product.


We sell antiques, antiques, and antique sales in the new lily green plaza near Shin Yurigaoka Station in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Shop’s homepage: http://www.antique-hikone.com/

We mainly sell glass products.

If you are interested, please visit the store or call by phone.

Please feel free to call for detailed explanations by your father, the owner of the store.

* Products handled

●●●● Sea ●●●●

Baccarat, Lalic, Mosel, Saint Louis, Dome, Valsan Lanbert, Stuben, My Sense Crystal, Sable Crystal, Dresden, Teleguanantal, Bohemia, etc.

●●●● in Japan ●●●●

Kagami clistal, squirt, Edo Kiriko, Satsuma Kiriko, kiln color glass, Iwata glass, etc.

●●●● Writer ●●●●

Kuniaki Kuroki, Hisashi Iwata, etc.

It is sold at a very affordable price, so I hope you can see it once.

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Maybe that friend is not enough …

It was my first casino.

It was a place where the jackpot broke out a while ago.

It was a place where money came and went, and it was a place where I went on a car and went out.

Kangwon Land is currently operating 1,200 restrictions due to Corona. Therefore, it is possible to enter the ARS the day before entering and winning. I think it’s the best to lower the density of a person.

He made a reservation with his boyfriend.

But I only won. I was worried before I went.

I didn’t know the game, but I didn’t know the atmosphere inside, and I didn’t have to go alone.

Since I was 27 years old, I learned that I am not enjoying doing something alone.

However, I was not confident to go back without entering. I ran 230 km from Seoul.

And last year, I didn’t win, so I just turned on once.

I was sorry for myself. I wanted to go in. But it was scary to be alone.

I decided to go in, so I prepared.

YouTube also watched and had dinner, gaining a special lecture, and preparing for it.

Once you understand the basic concepts such as baccarat, slot, Daisai, roulette, etc.

He also accepted his boyfriend’s suggestion not to be sloppy.

It was said that the ship could grow and lose the pace.

And my boyfriend threw me in Kangwon Land and went to the car.

Top tuck …

Kangwon Land’s unique atmosphere squeezed me slightly.

It was heated and went in.

I went to quit my ticket.

I was still riding. The staff scanned me very quickly.

“Guest, have you booked ARS?”

“yes… “

“Oh, then you can stop the ticket here. I will help.”

“thank you.”

And entered the casino.

But I think I was nervous.

I don’t know how to talk to the staff who want to read, and

I put a ticket to the hand sodok machine.

The machine sprinkled the disinfectant on my ticket.

The ticket has become cleaner …………..

“Ah, let’s read it …? Oh, sorry.”

“It’s 해외토토사이트 okay. You can enter.”

I wiped the disinfectant in the ticket with my hands and went into the casino.

The interior was much wider than I thought.

My eyes went back. The floor was high, and the huge billboards were also flashing.

One of the first things I was surprised was that I was a little older than my parents.

And I was like a towering island on the wide sea.

The young girl who looked around alone and looked at me for a 1-2 seconds.

‘What is the ash …?’ It was like that.

I pulled 200,000 won in cash.

To play the game, it is a chip or a member card.

I thought I should do something.

So I secretly stealed my uncle who filled money from the machine.

He asked if he noticed I was watching.

“What do you help me? Did you come alone?”

“Yes, I’m alone.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Um … I’m not sure …”

The uncle glanced at me for a while.

Are you a little short of this friend? It was such an eye.

“When did you come?”

“I’m here now.”

“Where are you from?”

“I’m from Seoul.”

“But is it the first casino?”


Uncle’s question was not solved.

‘Is it really short …?’

And it tells you how to charge it, but when I feel like I understand,

The question seems to be a bit faded.

“What kind of game do you know? Do you know Blackjack?”

“I don’t know Blackjack.”

“Um … then do you know Baccarat?”

“Yes, I know Baccarat.”

“Then try baccarat.”

And he took it to the baccarat table. But it was … the 5th floor dealer table.

Uncle aunts were just stacking the chips and betting.

I felt a bit scary.

I was too chewy to get into that gap.

It seemed like to eat all the games rather than noticed others.

Then I left the friendly uncle who told me that I would like to watch and try it.

I came back to the fourth floor.

Once again, I tried to adapt to the atmosphere there.

Psychological anxiety is a bit faded, and the body is a bit more adapted.

I don’t think I’m ready to do Baccarat right away,

I was going to try roulette first.

And I approached Kangwon Land staff.

“Hello, I want to play that roulette game alone and play alone …”

A tremendously friendly employee speaks me to a kindergarten student

He really explained everything slowly.

A game with a computer is actually a big table in front of the deal.

It’s about betting on the computer.

In fact, I wanted to sit in front of the deal, but I sat behind because I was courageous.

And I started the game.

It started at 1,000 won with the smallest bet.

I picked up and lost.

In the end, it was such a game that was taken by seeing the benefit.

I repeatedly earned and earned.

As I repeated it, my betting amount continued to converge.

Sometimes if you win 150 times the probability, what if you win !!! While my chest ran,

At that time, my 1,000 won went to Kangwon Land’s hands.

For 2 hours, slots, baccarat, roulette, and Daisai game

I tried it all once. (I haven’t tried Blackjack, so I’ll do it out.)

The games I’ve played were all the games that I took with probability.

I was thrilled because it was a world that had never been folded, but I was scared but

When I experienced it, it wasn’t a big deal.

I don’t know if my odds are fortunate or unhappy, but it was just the main exhibition.

What would I think if I earned a lot of or lost or lost

I don’t know, but gambling was to me.

There was a thrill at the moment, but there was no room for work.

I had no choice but to wait.

It was fun to pick it, and I was disappointed to lose.

I didn’t want to be disappointed, so I didn’t raise my money.

Gambling can give you a ‘good feeling’ when it is initially.

I was such a person.

I wanted to do something.

And he was a man who wanted to succeed and want to draw what I did.

If you haven’t entered the casino, you wouldn’t have known it.

Maybe I thought later.

Experience seems to be so important. It tells me what the experience is right or not.

What kind of person I like, what kind of person I like, what I pursue?

The experience in the casino was intense and fresh.

I had some social life, and I have accumulated experience.

How do you act?

In the casino, I rode a long time … I think it’s been a long time.

And when I woke up, I was turning there.

‘Ah … I’m tired … Now I have to sleep in a warm bed.’

This is enough experience. It was fun.

The experience of throwing me in a new situation has always been as exciting.

I knew me more than money.